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VMware vSphere Virtualization Services

When it comes to virtualization, a name that stands out as one of the leaders in virtualization is VMware. VMware really has made some groundbreaking improvements when it comes to being one of the leaders in the industry. Some highlights of VMware show that:

  • Estimated 80% of all virtual machines run on VMware
  • 100% of the Fortune 100 and 99.5% of the Fortune 1000 run VMware

These are some great statistics that show where VMware plays their role in the virtualization world.

If you never heard of VMware or aren’t sure where to start here are some details to help you get started.


vSphere — Virtualization infrastructure for VMware. This is a feature included in the vCloud suite and is the ground framework for that company looking to get into the cloud infrastructure or keep that hybrid type setup. vSphere includes:

  • vSphere ESXI
    • Virtualization layer
  • vMotion
    • Allows for virtual machines to be live migrated from one server to another
  • DRS
    • Storage/storage pool load balancing
  • vShield
    • Strengthens security by offloading antivirus/anti-malware processes
    • This satisfies audit requirements for logging
  • Automation
    • Allows you to deploy patches and reduce time updating hosts and applications
  • High Availability
    • vSphere allows the machines to be automatically restarted if there is a system failure
    • Protects virtual machines/applications by creating automatic fail over procedures
    • Ensuring that highest level of uptime

There are three different types of vSphere editions: Standard, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus

  • Features are very similar, but as you get to that Enterprise level you get benefits that would be geared more towards the Data Center compared to the small business that is looking for minimal downtime. Also as you progress up the levels, your vCPU (Amount of vCPU’s that could be allocated to each VM)
  • There are also kits available that are great for small business or other kits designed for the medium/large business. This is perfect for the small/medium business looking to scale as the business grows

Pricing is based per processor and they have various choices for levels of support.

vCloud Suite — If you are looking for that all in one cloud infrastructure and want the ability to create an extremely efficient, dynamic datacenter and gear your company toward that Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

vCloud Suite includes:

  • vSphere
    • This also included everything that vSphere includes above
  • vCloud Director
    • Ability to build a virtual datacenter in minutes
  • vCloud Connector
    • Connects that hybrid-style approach between the cloud and data center
  • vCloud Networking/Security
    • Includes virtual firewalls
    • Security of data in and out of the organization
    • Load Balancing and virtual networks for virtual machines
    • VPN support for 3rd parties
  • vCenter (Advanced/Enterprise)
    • This is a site recovery manager for when routine maintenance needs to take place or a complete disaster recovery failover
    • Ensures that highest level of reliability
  • vFabric (Enterprise Only)
    • Automation of applications across the network

Pricing is also based per processor and have various levels of support/subscription levels.
Overall, these are the two major products that VMware has to offer, but within these two ideas, there are numerous editions to help get that proper fit between virtualization and your IT infrastructure.

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