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If you are in the market for a distributed applications solution, Citrix’s XenApp takes many challenges that application distribution faces and reduces costs at the same time. XenApp centralizes all of your applications in one location and gives your users secure and manageable access to your company’s applications from anywhere and on any device. What makes XenApp a leader in application delivery are their easy to manage centralized controls, their flexible licensing model and promised performance benefits.

Features of XenApp

Self-service environment

  • Full ability of users to start server hosted applications from the start menu as needed
  • Applications could be taken offline for use by setting an applications server in maintenance mode while load balancing the load on other servers
  • A user-friendly web services environment to launch applications from any web browser and many mobile devices
  • Users may pick applications to add to their start menu from the XenApp store

Full scalability

  • Could be scaled beyond 1,000 servers and 100,000 users

Single sign-on

  • Ability for saved passwords and easy sign in from any device

Customized Permissions

Customized permissions

  • Restrictions for application usage to full support for many authentication types
  • Login activity Log
  • Active Directory GPO (Group Policy Object) controlled application server lockdown ensures secure, isolated application delivery environment
  • Full control over NTFS shares and file downloads make BYOD security easy

High-Definition user experience

  • Full support for high-definition audio/video without sacrificing performance
  • HDX / RemoteFX support provides high performance display capability for AutoCAD and video editing applications

Secure accessibility from anywhere

  • Browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari)
  • Full support for every OS (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Full mobile support from tables to smartphones
  • BYOD control and accessibility via XenApp receiver
  • Factor two authentication support with RSA token wuthentication
Secure Accessibility from Anywhere

Easy management for virtual application packages

  • Customizable packages that could be provisioned on demand
  • Single instances of applications that could be distributed to any machine or OS

High Availability/Failover

  • Load balancing an failover from 2 to 10,000 servers in a single farm
  • 32 and 64 bit applications can be delivered via a single web interface
  • Web interface capabilities are delivered by Windows Server IIS with (NLB) Network Load Balancing with up to 16 ISS server nodes in a cluster

Hybrid hosting capabilities allow applications to be delivered with flexibility

  • Application streaming
  • Session virtualization with full desktop
  • Hosted application plug-in
  • Citrix XenApp receiver for IPad, Iphone, Android and Windows Phone
  • Integratable with Active Directory profile preferences and synchronization capabilities

System Center integration

  • Operations Manager monitoring
  • Configuration Manager application deployment to application servers
  • Virtual Machine Manager for managing virtual application servers virtualized on Hyper-V and VmWare VSphere

With XenApp, there are numerous editions that could be tailored to what your business needs would be and LegaSystems could customize your environment to make XenApp be the perfect fit for mobility and performance benefits for your end users. LegaSystems is a Citrix Partner Solution Advisor and would be happy to assist with any Citrix products you may need or showcase the many benefits of what Citrix has to offer.

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