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As technology advances and data is becoming more virtual and cloud based, the need for maintaining compliance and security is crucial for any business. To maintain compliance can benefit in various ways from keeping vigilant of new potential threats to your network to potential business client gains when having these levels of compliance met. Along those same principles you also keep all government agencies criteria met and also meet the needs of any concern of security from within your organization.

Staying within compliance maintains your network is running efficiently and keeping up with compliances changes is something that could be something that your organization may not have the time and resources for. If those are some of the concerns you may have, but still need to maintain your compliance levels, LegaSystems has solutions to assist in maintaining the security and compliance of your network.

LegaSystems has a solution built around compliance and will satisfy the following challenges:


  • Determining security breaches.
  • Identify areas of concern in your security and where unauthorized people can gain access to company data.
    This is extremely important to keep track of because any lapse in security could have devastating results for any organization.
  • Take the upper hand on preventing issues with security. Gaining early notice on potential security flaws will allow you make proactive decisions on who should be accessing what data.
  • Track user logins. Gains a better overview of when users are interacting with your network.
  • Track your administrator’s changes to the network. Maintains checks and balances to eliminate any human errors that may occur.
  • Safely meet all the requirements to meet compliance.
Hipaa / Glba Compliance Services


Customize reports to meet the industry standards:

  • GLBA
  • SOX
  • Numerous other compliance standards

These are just a few of the challenges that organizations face when it comes to compliance, but LegaSystems can perform these tests and report on any areas of concern. We will make the proactive recommendations that are necessary to maintain that level of compliance you need to achieve as well as make the appropriate network changes as well! We can fully customize the reports to what business needs there are and could provide simple overview audit reports to more complex ones to tailor what scope of audience will be viewing these reports. As you can see the benefits of maintaining compliance can be a challenging task to maintain so let LegaSystems take the burden off your organization’s shoulders and we could make the necessary recommendations and perform the necessary tests to keep your organization at full compliance.

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