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Managed Service Remote Monitoring

Managed Services Remote Monitoring

LegaCloud Remote Monitoring Managed Service

  • Do you constantly react to systems and applications failures instead of resolving them proactively?
  • Do you learn of critical system failures from your users’ calls and complaints?
  • Do you wish you could get real time data and reporting on actual application and system uptime?
  • Do you lack resources to monitor mixture of operating systems and business-critical applications 24/7/365?

We can help!

LegaCloud Managed Service Remote Monitoring provides comprehensive capabilities for your physical, virtual, and cloud deployments across on-premises, service provider, and Windows Azure environments.

LegaCloud Managed Service Remote Monitoring will allow you to:

  • Reduce downtime by identifying and resolving issues proactively before they cause outages.
  • Deliver predictable application SLAs, enable rapid application lifecycles, and assure great end-user experiences.
  • Reduce IT administrative overhead by allowing our operations team to identify and pinpoint failures in real time.
  • Increase team awareness and involvement by providing them with a live network visibility map of all of your critical systems and customizable monitoring dashboards.
  • Tie in monitoring of your Azure, Office 365 and on premise resources on a single monitoring and operations management platform.
  • Ensure issue response by establishing a notification escalation path for critical failures via e-mail and SMS notifications.
  • Provide management with a bird-eye view of all of your servers and networking devices in real time.

LegaCloud Managed Service Remote Monitoring features:

  • Comprehensive monitoring for IT infrastructure and business critical application workloads whether deployed within the datacenter, physical, virtual, or on the cloud.
  • Specialized monitoring for vendor specific workloads - Windows, SQL, Exchange, Office 365, Azure, Veeam, Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop, AWS, Oracle Solaris, RedHat/SUSE Linux, and UNIX.
  • Rich application health monitoring for an accurate view of real-world performance and availability of your applications.
  • Health and performance monitoring of CPU, memory, disk, network, processes, and other system parameters.
  • Extensible network monitoring to measure and track reachability, latency, loss and other diagnostics.
  • Data visualization using centralized dashboard with visualizations and navigational widgets for categories such as health and availability, resource utilization, alerts, and performance for hosts, virtual machines, workload/application end-points and others.
  • Actionable alerts to reduce average time to detect the issue, localize the fault, and reduce average time to resolve the issue.
  • Automated support tickets generation and assignment to a Microsoft Certified engineer with unique knowledge of your environment.

Let our team of dedicated support engineers complement your resources, reduce the ongoing administrative burden, minimize downtime and maximize your IT investment with a predictable monthly operating expense.



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