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Baseline Assessment

Baseline Assessment


A Baseline Assessment is an assessment of your enterprise's computing environment performed to match it against software vendors' recommended best practices. This type of assessment is a must have for companies considering any major upgrade and is useful in proactive technology management. Baseline assessment provides an overview of the existing infrastructure and recommend changes to meet best practices in the following areas:

  • Operating Systems: Analysis of the current operating system environment will be provided. Areas for review are Domain Architecture, Storage / File services, and server setup standards, Windows Desktops and user profiles, OS vulnerabilities and compliance.
  • Licensing: The current licensing model will be reviewed to identify existing product licensing mode and count, application and Operating Systems versions, any Operating Systems that have reached or approaching end of life.
  • Systems Management: The necessary information will be presented to understand how the systems management environment has been implemented. Areas that will be reviewed include software distribution, event monitoring, network monitoring, event correlation, etc.
  • Messaging: Overview of the current messaging environment, current Microsoft Exchange version and service pack, identify any known issue with the current version, benchmark the current system against Microsoft’s best practices; gather performance statistics, examine the system for security vulnerabilities and data leak exposure, analyze current storage in use and future growth trends; scan for open relays and evaluate overall message transport security; determine the current high availability capabilities and make suggestions on improving availability if such capabilities exits.
  • Backup: LegaSystems will collect backup environment information. Areas for review are backup hardware, software, schedules, and timeframes, recovery time and recovery point objectives.
  • Disaster Recovery: LegaSystems will assemble existing Disaster Recovery information. Areas for review are: hot-site availability and hardware availability, DR procedures in place and overall readiness.
  • Directory Services: analyze the current active directory version and patch level, analyze Active Directory design and resiliency, DNS services, Group Policy Objects, Domain security policies, DHCP services and overall security; FSMO placement and time synchronization, member replication and replication performance.
  • Application Delivery infrastructure: overview of the existing Application Delivery environment, tiered and business line applications and their delivery methods. If a Citrix Application Delivery platform exists it will also be benchmarked against the Citrix best practices.
  • Database overview: current SQL servers in the environment and their versions, required upgrades, vulnerabilities and consolidation opportunities; current Oracle, Sybase and MySQL environments, versions and required upgrades or vulnerability patching.


If you are interested in a Baseline Assessment performed in your environent, please e-mail

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