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Backing up your infrastructure is by far one of your most important tasks to maintain when running your network. Not only backing up the data, but making sure that data is safe when that data leaves to another location or wherever it may be stored is equally important.
Have you identified the need for backups, but don’t know where to start? Do you have an on-premise solution, but need to expand your level of disaster recovery to have a remote backup location to store your data at? Are you worried that you may not have the time or resources to dedicate to securely creating a remote backup solution? Look no further! LegaSystems has a full offering in their managed services for remote backup.
One thing that LegaSystems takes pride on is ensuring your data will be safe in your organization as well as data traveling to other remote sites or wherever its destination may be. LegaSystems has a full solution for remotely backing up your organization’s data and do so with reliability, scalability, and affordability in mind!

Remote Backup through LegaSystems is a process that takes your organization’s data and backs that data up to our hosting facility.

Below is a brief overview on what we offer:

  • To connect to our facility we would create a RRAS VPLS (Routing and Remote Access service over Virtual Private Label Switching) route through a site to site VPN technology.
    • This enables your site and LegaSystem’s site to safely communicate data to/from each other’s perspective site.
    • All data will be encrypted with AES (256-bit) encryption over a L2TP/IPsec-based connection.
  • All data will be backed up by our hosted Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manger 2012 (SCDPM) and will capture all of your physical or virtual images in whatever time interval you determine.
  • Agents will be installed on individual machines to constantly monitor data and ensure your data remains current.
  • A provided warn stand-by collection of virtual machines will be available for disaster recovery scenarios or single virtual machine failures
  • Your data will always be monitored by a live on-call engineer 24/7/365
  • All licensing costs and hardware costs will be owned by LegaSystems so you will only be charged on a contractual monthly basis

As you can see, LegaSystems really could provide your ultimate remote backup solution to meet with all of your compliance and disaster recovery needs. We take the guess work out of determining what solution to implement and what best practices need to be implemented to keep your data safe and secure. Your organization will be rest assured that your data will be always available, constantly monitored, and ready to be recovered when disaster or failures occur.

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