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In today’s workplace, users don’t interact with company day just sitting down on a desktop computer being in an office. Mobility in the workplace is growing at a rapid place and tearing down the cubical walls that used to be the standard for all offices. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is known as allowing your employees to bring in their own mobile devices into the workplace to access all their normal company files, email, calendars, and even applications depending on the organization. BYOD benefits by giving the user the flexibility to access company data from virtually any platform in one form or another with certain limitations, but has many benefits.

Some of those benefits include:

  • Allows users to be more comfortable using the device of their choice instead of working with hardware they may or may not be familiar with
  • Reduces costs and once configured properly, really simplifies the management of the connected devices
  • Designed to improve productivity and create more communication in the workplace

Two areas that LegaSystems focuses on in BYOD are with Citrix and Microsoft’s ActiveSync.

Citrix BYOD

Citrix BYOD Citrix has a BYOD solution through solutions like XenApp, XenDesktop, and Cloud Gateway that get explained in greater detail in the individual section, but their approach is to encourage employees to bring your own devices and really transform the way users interact with Technology in the future. They promote this mentality by ensuring a simple interface, increased awareness of how you can extend your organization beyond the 4 walls and all that while keeping security a top priority.


Microsoft’s ActiveSync

Microsoft’s ActiveSync

Microsoft’s approach to BYOD is similar in nature to Citrix, but focuses more on making sure your user’s email, tasks, contacts, internet bookmarks, and notes get synchronized across all mobile platforms. At this point, ActiveSync is designed purely for those areas above, but makes a simple solution when you need to access those key business essentials from virtually anywhere.

While gaining that mobility as you can see it has a lot of benefits, but some things to keep in mind is the security of your data. There are ways to monitor data being accessed on these devices and keep that control of knowing where your data is going to and who is accessing it. Policies for BYOD are crucial to ensure data integrity and lay the ground framework to a successful BYOD implementation. LegaSystems knows that security is key to any organization so we could sit down and explain all the potential security concerns we may have and create solutions to may BYOD a success in your organization.


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