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Microsoft MED-V

Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V)

In your IT enterprise, upgrading all your client workstations could be a challenge on many levels. From the process of performing the upgrades, troubleshooting compatibility between applications, to getting an inventory of what applications your organization has, this could all be extremely time consuming when all you really want is to give your clients the new benefits of a new operating system.

An alternative to all that is a product from Microsoft called MED-V. Microsoft’s MED-V is a solution to getting to your organization up to the latest Operating System, but still need that capability to support older applications that may not work with the latest version of Windows. What MED-V does is it’s a client piece of software that gets installed on all your client workstations that gives the following capabilities to that machine:

  • Run legacy programs right from Windows start menu
  • Gives seamless access:
    • User documents
    • Network printers
    • USB devices (flash drives, photo cards, smartcards)
  • Minimal changes to the user’s desktop and workflow
  • Ability to run multiple versions of Internet Explorer at once
    • Example Scenario: A user needs to access a website or internal website that only works on an older version of IE (Internet Explorer 7) that user could still have all their normal Internet Explorer browser windows open, but open up the older version of Internet Explorer and get access right to that website in the correct browser

So if you need a few applications to work in new version of operating systems you are deploying or if you are upgrading client machines and need a full customized package of printers, applications, or other devices to work, we would be happy to present those various options to you and meet your organization’s needs.

Microsoft’s MED-V breaks numerous barriers that administrators run into with older legacy applications and we could customize different packages to meet your individual needs. I’m sure there have been many occasion where you are using a newer operating system and run into that compatibility of an application and wonder “Is there an easier way to get this application to work on my workstation?” If you ever asked that question, Microsoft’s MED-V will be a creative solution to those legacy application problems.

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