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Desktop Management & Deployment

In corporate environments and in your very own workplace, desktop upgrades are a common practice that could very extensive and tedious if not properly planned out and executed properly. Microsoft produces a new operating system every few years and with a new release usually means an end of life to the next operating system in line. Having all users under an operating system that is no longer supported by Microsoft is a major risk in security as well as potential business problems that could evolve as well.


The need for these upgrades there are so many variables that have to be included:

  • Assessment of existing desktops/infrastructure/software
  • Determining what the needs of the deployment are:
    • Operating system upgrade
    • New desktop deployment with operating system upgrade
    • Full infrastructure change from monitoring to the desktop hardware/software
  • Application/Software Deployment
  • Centralized location for Updates/Images
    • Managed through System Center Configuration Manager 2012
  • Backup/Recovery Strategies
  • Communication of the changes being performed
  • Maintaining a project timeline to minimize business downtime Some other questions to be considered:
  • What are the minimal requirements for the operating system you are upgrading to?
  • Will all of your existing applications work on this new operating system?
  • How will the infrastructure be monitored?
  • What training will be needed for End Users/Support Staff?
  • How will desktops be management/updated?
  • How can things get automated for more efficient rollouts?
  • What does your current desktop inventory look like now and how old are workstations?


As you can see there are a great deal of decisions that need to get planned out and these are only a small set of examples on all the determining factors to a deployment like this. LegaSystems has a clear approach as to the best practices for your organization and the most efficient way to carry out projects like these with a great success rate at minimal downtime. Contact LegaSystems today to get on the right “path” to upgrading your organization and having a successful upgrade to Windows 7/Windows 8.

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