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The LN2600 Rugged Secure Router is a hardened edge access device that provides high-performance network routing, next-generation firewall capabilities, and unified threat management (UTM) in a compact, dustproof, and splash resistant form factor.

Scalable, interoperable, high-performance networks with security built in enable energy, utility, water, railroad, first responders, and military organizations to build networks that support mission critical applications. Building out their network infrastructure and scaling to remote locations, however, requires a new ruggedized solution.

The LN2600 Rugged Secure Router provides perimeter security, content security, application visibility, tracking and policy enforcement, role-based access control, and network-wide threat visibility and control. Using zones and policies, network administrators can configure and deploy the LN2600 quickly and securely.


  • All-In-One Design includes routing, next-generation firewall, policy-based VPNs, and unified threat management.
  • Unified Management provides centralized discovery, provisioning, routing, security management, and troubleshooting through a single pane of glass.
  • Ruggedized Design is optimized and certified for utilities, telecommunications, industrial, transportation, and tactical military applications.
  • Low Power delivers full functionality at less than 35 watts for limited power applications.
  • Compact Form Factor is well suited for space-constrained applications.
  • Intelligent Platform Management Interface provides external control for embedded device.
  • Junos OS makes LN Series easy to connect with Junos OS-based WAN and LAN routers.
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