Consulting Services

Network Testing Services and Security Audit

Based on LegaSystems extensive experience, we have found that, what appear to be normally operating networks, are not realizing their full potential. Because of sub-optimal configuration and utilization, available resources are not deployed to their best advantage. The purpose of the Network and Security review is to perform network infrastructure assessment in detail, determine areas where additional performance is available, and assess the security posture of the network, all in comparison to industry best practices.

The Network Evaluation by LegaSystems includes:

Review of basic network information

  • Internet Connectivity (review failover options)
  • Network Topology (LAN/WAN/Wireless)
  • Equipment Inventory

Switch/Router Configurations

  • Review of existing configurations
  • Comparison with best practices


Network Testing Services

Network Security Testing/Enforcement Points Audit

  • Determine Enforcement Devices/Points
  • Determine Remote Access Devices
  • Determine IDP Devices
  • Review Configurations/Rule Base(s)
  • Comparison with Best Practices

Network Security Vulnerability Assessment

  • Perform network scan using state of the art vulnerability tools (non-invasive)
  • Perimeter Network Vulnerability review
  • Review Results
  • Discuss Results


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