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BitLocker Enterprise Deployment

Security and privacy compliance in the digital realm are ever growing and becoming more complex. Most states now require organizations to encrypt devices and media that contain personal information such as social security numbers, credit cards and more. Most organizations own Microsoft Bitlocker as part of their Operating Systems licensing but don’t know how to take advantage of this product on the enterprise level. Encryption is central to protecting your organization’s information and data, and this is where BitLocker Enterprise Deployment comes in.


BitLocker Enterprise Deployment

For any organization handling sensitive information, regardless of whether they operate on small or big scale, the data they use to run their operations is the most valuable asset to protect. In an event when private information is lost or exposed government mandates require that a disclosure is made to the public. The resources and cost of these disclosures as well as non-compliance fines are considerably higher than the cost and resources needed to protect this sensitive data. Thus, it is financially and reputably critical to ensure private information safety and protection, stopping it from getting into the wrong hands. Encrypting media and devices with Bitlocker enterprise deployment tools such as MBAM will help reduce the risk of data loss and future disclosures to the public.

This clever piece of software shield your data and renders it unusable and unreadable to any unauthorized personnel even if they get physical access to your device and bypass the permissions on your local machine.

Important Reasons for integrating MBAM BitLocker Enterprise Deployment

There are two very important reasons why you should integrate Bitlocker now:

Avoiding the Consequence of Data Compromise

Securing your data will keep you away from the dangers of bad publicity and a negative market reputation. Your company’s data contains sensitive information pertaining your best business practices, your market strategies and the information related to your target audience. If the data falls in the hands of an unauthorized user, you may have to face several consequences, which include criminal prosecution, lawsuits and regulatory penalties.

Mitigating Added Expenditures and Software Costs

The Microsoft BitLocker encryption software reduces the extra money you have to pay for provisioning, management and supporting device encryption across organization.

Groundbreaking Technological Data Protection Advantages

Simplified Integration and Configuration Manager

The Microoft BitLocker Administrative and Monitoring will provide your IT experts with the benefit of centralized hardware management and reporting.

Efficient Recover Key Access Auditing

The BitLocker Deployment software provide IT security officers with an edge of simple accessibility when it comes to creating the recovery data report for critical data and information.

Administration Portal for Help Desk

You can appoint specific IT software experts and professionals to access recovery key data through the MBAM site’s Drive Recovery feature.

Hassle-Free Administration

The software enables administrators to automate the process of encrypting volumes on client computers across the enterprise.

One Encryption for All

BitLocker encryption can be enabled for your operating system drive, data drives and removable drives. MBAM policy settings control the use of BitLocker on operating system drive, fixed drives and removable drives

Powerful Features

  • Support for Windows 10. MBAM 2.5 SP1 adds support for Windows 10, in addition to the same software that is supported in earlier versions of MBAM.
  • Active Directory integration. MBAM can back up BitLocker recovery information to Active Directory Domain Services.
  • Self-Service Portal for end users. MBAM Self-Service Portal enables end users to independently regain access to their computers if they get locked out of Windows.

If you have software assurance benefits, you own Bitlocker for your enterprise. Contact us today to help you with your Microsoft Bitlocker Enterprise Deployment.



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