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Core Infrastructure Services


Core Infrastructure Services

In the heart of every Windows domain network, there is your centralized location where your organization manages network administration and security settings for your users. These domain controllers authenticate all the users and computer in your organization.

Typical features of a domain controller include:

  • Active Directory
  • DNS
  • DHCP

These three features are typically your main features of your core infrastructure, but from these for come numerous settings and various configurations for as simple or complex your network may be.

Some areas that LegaSystems can assist in the design/implementation with Active Directory:

  • Domain/Forest Upgrade
    • Taking an older domain controller and upgrading a forest to a newer version
  • Domain Restructuring
  • Splitting/Merging Domains
    • This is typically something that needs to be considered if a company reorganizes or expands
  • Changing domain names
  • Configuration of Sites and Services
  • Group Policy Management

Domain Name System

DNS (Domain Name System) is the naming systems for any resources connecting to your network. DNS essentially translates domain names and puts them into IP addresses for a more organized way to manage your network Primary areas of focus for DNS that LegaSystems provides:

DNS Services


  • DNS configuration - First time or additional configuration.
  • Licensing
  • DNS high availability
  • DNS Audits for proper configurations of DNS - This will clean up any optimize your DNS setup

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol


DHCP Services

Our final area to feature is DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). DHCP is a form of IP address assignment to devices connected within your network. DHCP is a communication that goes between your domain controller and your machines on your network to deliver an IP address to your device and preserve it for a specific period of time. The clients are the ones responsible for renewing their address or will be forced to get a new address assigned to their device.

Some of DHCP features that could get configured:

  • Configuring/Upgrading DHCP
  • Integrations with DNS and Active Directory
  • Deploying split-scope DHCP configurations (Server 2008 R2) - A feature designed for high availability

These three main areas are just a brief overview of your core infrastructure and LegaSystems has all the expertise necessary to correctly troubleshoot/optimize and existing core infrastructure or take you step by step towards configuring a new infrastructure. If you are more interested in a specific area of Core Infrastructure, please check out our additional subpages for a more detailed overview of each feature.

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