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Whenever deciding on making enhancements or adding new technology to your enterprise, considerations need to be made with what existing infrastructure is in place already and addressing the concerns or limitations that may exist with making your project a success.
Here at LegaSystems we are your one stop for performing IT infrastructure assessment to determine the solutions you need and how we can be of assistance.

We break down our IT assessment services into three key areas:

  • Baseline
  • Virtualization
  • Network & Security

Baseline Assessmen

Baseline assessments look at the following areas and that gives us a much better understanding to what the business needs are and possibly eliminated the potential issues before they arise. This baseline assessment is the ground framework to assist in your future projects with LegaSystems:

  • Operating Systems
  • Licensing
  • Systems Management
  • Messaging
  • Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Directory Services
  • Application Delivery Infrastructure
  • Database Overview
Baseline Assessmen

Network and Security Assessment

Typically in most network environments, whether it may be improper configuration or architecture, networks often could be dramatically optimized or additional resources could be added to streamline network efficiency. From Security on the network to ensure safety of your data and users, LegaSystems has the expertise and experience to assess your current network environment and will provide our best recommendations to increase performance, but not sacrifice security.

Network and Security Assessment

Some of the items that are assessed in this section include:

  • Review of basic network information
  • Configurations of:
    • Switches/Routers
    • Security Appliances or other Enforcement Points
  • Network Vulnerability Scans

Virtualization Assessment

As technologies begin to add virtualization into their existing infrastructure, there is a growing concern that companies might not be utilizing their virtual resources efficiently or could potentially be missing some key areas that virtualization has to offer. LegaSystems could perform an assessment to look at the existing virtualized infrastructure and determine the best possible solutions to maximize your virtual resources.

Virtualization Assessment

Some examples of what gets performed:

  • Host hardware Specifications
  • Network/Virtual Networks
  • Storage
    • SAN
    • NAS
  • Migration of Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Resources Consumed
  • Performance of Virtual Machines
  • Disaster Recovery of Virtual Networks
    • Hosts
    • Virtual Machines

This is just a brief overview of the various IT assessments that LegaSystems offers, but we can perform any other technology assessments that your company may require. You can click on the sub categories to get a more in depth approach to each assessment.

LegaSystems strives to make sure your network is optimized for the investment that you made with your technology and to keep it running efficiently for years to come.

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