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Software Assurance Vouchers

Software assurance is a Microsoft volume-licensing program that gives your business access to innovative technologies that can help with the productivity and administration of your business. Software assurance vouchers give you the technical know-how to take advantage of assurance services.

SA Planning Services

Business dynamics are constantly evolving. And to keep your business in a position to not only efficiently and effectively tackle and adapt to ever-changing corporate dynamics, but to take advantage of it and for that to happen, you need some help from technology. Modern IT solutions can ensure a thriving business that is ready to take on any challenge. Microsoft software assurance services help to deploy, manage and operate various useful technologies to help with your business’ success.

Software assurances offer easy and affordable use of all the business-enhancing software that can accelerate the speed and efficiency of your operations while cutting back administrative and operational costs.

Software assurance vouchers allow the subscription holders to utilize Software Assurance Planning Services. This allows your workforce and employees to take advantage of technical expertise needed to plan and implement new technologies.

Software Assurance Services That Can Help

Microsoft offers great Software Assurance services to its clients. They include:

  • DDPS: It stands for Desktop Deployment Planning Services and includes Office Fast Track Planning, Windows and Office Enterprise Proof of Concept and Deployment Planning.
  • PVDPS: Private Cloud Management and Virtualization Deployment Planning Services involve accelerating Virtualization, upgrading to Windows server and migrating to Windows Server Hyper-V.
  • S&EDPS: Skype for Business and Exchange Deployment Planning Services, help with Office 365 fast track planning, and deployment of Skype and Exchange.

All of these services can improve your organization’s operational efficiency. SA vouchers make that possible.

What Do These Vouchers Offer

Software Assurance vouchers offer an economical solution to the lack of internal knowledge and experience. These vouchers can provide you with on-site expertise to plan deployment of new technologies. It is important to note the assurance vouchers expire with the expiration of SA.

Plan for Success

The acquired expertise can help you plan all the ways Microsoft products and services can increase the productivity of the business. Planning sessions can benefit from technical skills the vouchers assure.

Microsoft Best Practices

Software assurance Planning Services offers, equips your workforce to implement Microsoft best practices, which can minimize risks.

Reduced Deployment Costs

You can hire the services of skilled external professionals for free to plan deployment and migration of various Microsoft suites.

Redeem your Software Assurance Vouchers and all these benefits. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and thus can help you with that.



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