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Microsoft Software Assurance Vouchers

You can boost your business’ productivity by taking advantage of Microsoft Software Assurance services. Microsoft Software Assurance Vouchers are a cost-effective way to increase the technological proficiency of your workforce.

SA Planning Services

For any business to survive and prosper in the modern business environment, it is important that it utilizes all the various tools. IT is the key to a business’ success. Employing state-of-the-art products and services to manage the IT infrastructure of your business can ensure your business’ longevity. Software assurance offers a plan that can help you take full advantage of your acquired technologies and allow them to better serve your business interests.

Most business owners are aware of the benefits of cutting-edge technologies; however the cost of acquisition and integration with the already

running system can make them hesitant to employ and integrate those technologies.

Many businesses acquire the leading software components and web applications, but due to lack of internal expertise and the high cost of hiring skilled employees they are unable to benefit from them. That is where Microsoft Software Assurance Vouchers come in handy.

These vouchers give you access to Microsoft deployment and planning services. You get opportunities for efficient planning for many Microsoft products and services. The Software Assurance Services help you to:

  • Reduce the risks and costs related to deployment.
  • Make better use of the acquired products and services.
  • Fully take advantage of your business’ IT investments to increase productivity and value.

Microsoft Software Assurance Vouchers Offer Undeniable Benefits

Following are some of the benefits of SA services:

  • Help your business develop an appropriate deployment, upgrade and migration plan.
  • Increase the expertise and skill of the employees to bring down the risks and costs associated with deployment.
  • Eliminates concerns or uncertainty related to deployment and migration.
  • Using in-depth technology planning sessions to help the workforce understand how to take advantage of Microsoft products and services.
  • Assesses the IT environment.
  • Enables workforce needs and business requirements to develop a custom deployment plan.

MS Vouchers Provide Unprecedented Access to Following Services:

Microsoft Software Assurance Vouchers allow you the opportunity to get the benefit of the following services.

Desktop Deployment Planning Service (DDPS)

Deploying or upgrading to Windows and Office has never been easier. The SA services can help with:

  • Office 365 Fast Track Planning.
  • Windows and Office Deployment Planning.
  • Windows and Office Enterprise Proof of Concept.

Skype for Business and Exchange Deployment Planning Service (S&EDPS)

If you want to deploy Skype for Business or use Exchange for on-premise, hybrid or cloud environments, SA services can help with:

  • Skype for Business Deployment Planning.
  • Exchange Deployment Planning.
  • Office 365 Fast Track Planning.

Private Cloud Management and Virtualization Deployment Planning Services (PVDPS)

If you want to optimize your data center, the SA services can help to assess and,

  • Upgrade to Windows Server.
  • Migrate to Windows Server Hyper-V from VMware.
  • Accelerate Virtualization and Management Deployment


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