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Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits

Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits is a Microsoft program designed to ensure the technologies essential for your business’ operational efficiency are deployed according to Microsofts’ best practices. LegaSystems can help you leverage your investment in Microsoft software assurance planning and deployment day vouchers that you have already paid for.


Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits

Every business could use some help from innovative technology integrators on realizing the full potential in their technology investments. Microsoft corp continues to release new software titles and tools aimed to help optimize businesses, increase efficiency and save money. To properly deploy and use Microsoft technologies, you have to have proper expertise and skills. Software Assurance Planning services is a great way to get the latest software and the expertise to deploy it.

Microsoft software assurance is a comprehensive offer to help and guide your workforce to properly deploy, install, operate and manage the suite of helpful technologies.


You do not have to worry about incurring additional expenses to hire skilled professionals as software assurance gives you an option to have a Microsoft partner jump start your deployment. Let us look at some of the more notable Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits we can help you avail.

Access to New Technologies

Microsoft software assurance offers rights to upgrade to the latest version without incurring additional licensing costs. The traditional Office Desktop suite becomes much more valuable with the addition of Exchange, Skype for Business as well as Office 365. With Microsoft SA, you are guaranteed your business will not be left behind.

Helps with Deployments and Migrations

The SA planning services, we offer, can help you plan the deployment and migration to the latest versions, whether on-premise or in the cloud. We can provide you:

  • Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS) include Office 365 Fast Track Planning, Windows and Office Deployment and Proof of Concept.
  • Private Cloud Management and Virtualization Deployment Planning Services (PVDPS) help with upgrading to Windows Server, Migrating to Windows Server Hyper-V from VMware, as well as accelerating Virtualization and Management Deployment.
  • Skype for Business and Exchange Deployment Planning Services (S&EDPS) offer Skype for Business, Exchange and Office 365 Fast Track planning.

Lowers the Cost

One of the biggest Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits to your business is the decrease in the cost of planning, deployment or migrations. The planning services included in your package help increase the level of in-house expertise, making any costly external help unnecessary; we help you use the vouchers you have already paid for with your licensing renewal.

Increases the Productivity

By fully utilizing the offers of software assurance, you can ensure a significant improvement in the way data and information is managed in your organization. This can help increase the productivity as well as the value of your business.

No Need to be Concerned

The deployment and operation of some of the more advanced software can be tricky, if the necessary skill and experience is lacking in the workforce. The assistance offered by the comprehensive SA package, removes the uncertainties and promotes confidence.

A Plan Just for You

The in-depth technology planning sessions, offered by us, can help your employees learn the benefits of Microsoft products and services for the particular needs of your business. SA allows a custom software-suite and deployment plan that fits with your IT environment, workforce needs and business expectations.

Proof That It Works

LegaSystems is Microsoft Gold Partner. It means that if you choose to get your software assurance services through us, you are going to get assuring assistance in your deployment. A satisfying proof of concept or pilot can help guarantee the custom deployment plan is best for you.

Our technical expertise and experience can assist you to leverage all of the Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits.



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