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Communicate, organize and get work done in one place with Citrix Podio. Give your team a tool they’ll love to use. It’s entirely customizable to fit how you run projects most efficiently.
Manufacturer: Citrix
  • A new level of project visibility

Podio makes deadlines, responsibilities and goals clear for everyone – and they’re always up to date. With transparent, organized projects, you’ll never need to slow your team down to get a status update. You’ll have the oversight you need to see if everything’s on track.

  • Incredible flexibility

You and your team define all the structure of your content, reports and overviews. So you can run projects your way, unhindered by workarounds imposed by rigid software. And your team will love how Podio reflects the way you already talk and think about your business.

  • Real time and your time

Whether you need an immediate answer from your team or just want to share some great resources and insights, Podio puts all your conversations in one place in the context of the work you’re doing. This enables you to tighten your communications without increasing everyone’s email load.

  • Podio grows with you

Want to do more than project management with Podio? Simply extend Podio to handle CRM, recruiting workflows or even your company intranet in minutes. Podio’s ability to connect teams and processes already helps thousands of companies run their entire operations in one place.

  • Work seamlessly with ShareFile and GoToMeeting

Bring any content from ShareFile into your work on Podio – adding context and conversations to your files. Schedule meetings with structured agendas and follow up on tasks. Then launch a GoToMeeting session from Podio with one click.

Picture of Podio 5-100 Seats
Podio 5-100 Seats
Picture of Podio 101-1000 Seats
Podio 101-1000 Seats
Podio 1001+ Seats
Picture of Podio 101-1000 Seats Extension
Podio 101-1000 Seats Extension
Picture of Podio 1001+ Seats Extension
Podio 1001+ Seats Extension
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